Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monday, June 9, 2008

View life as a continuous learning experience

"View life as a continuous learning experience"

Playing poker for a living I came to realize that you always have a choice. Sometimes we make good decisions and other times we don't. And every time we make a bad decision we should learn from it, but its always best to learn from other peoples mistakes rather then your own. that could be true in poker as will as life.

If i was mentoring someone who wanted to be a professional poker player. I would tell him that there is more to poker then playing your cards will. You'll be surprise of how many poker players that i know some (some even who have made the wpt final tables) who are even better then me. dead broke! just rail birds looking around waiting for someone to put them in a game.

Very sad..

that's why if you want to play poker for a livining you have to ask yourself this important question are you playing poker for respect? or to pay the bills?


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

am back

"If you're going to be thinking, you may as well think big"

When i first started playing poker Professionally back in the early college yrs. I use to think that if i ever made 6 figures a yr ill be extremely happy and satisfied. But since thats a reality nowadays it has made me even more hungry and determine to have more.

And that's not by playing higher stakes in poker (which am going to take stabs in if the bigger game is to good to passs). is because a good friend of mine here in l.a has open my eyes of how much is really out there for us. This guy is one of the best limit poker players here in l.a. his very creative, intelligent, and unpredictable dont be surprise in the near future if his crushing the 100-200 and above limit games. yesterday he actually took his first shot in the big game at the bike playing 300-600 shorthanded.

we speak to each other about everything and anything. 70 percent of out coverstations tho is about poker. The other 30 percent is about girls, real estate, investments, and setting up plans to travel the world. Am actually book a ticket to go to new york this sept, then were heading off to mex in dec, and plan on taking a two week vacation to asia sometime early next yr.

I have so much more to say but i need to head off to the gym soon. so ill plan to update my blog at least once or twice a week from now on.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

drawlineplot.php (PNG Image, 500x300 pixels)

drawlineplot.php (PNG Image, 500x300 pixels)

You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down.

I played in a 1580 multi tournament at the bike casino and ended up getting 6 place which unfortunately only paid top 5. I played aggressive, but i didn't gamble enough at the end. which was a mistake. to add insult to injury i had a terrible day at the cash games tables as well. I was furious and hated poker with a passion.

the following day i woke up around 11am, went to the gym and had a nice work out, moreover, cleaned my self up and went back down to the casino looking sharp and feeling healthy and ended up winning 7500!

One of theses days am going to win a big tournament i just know it. Until then am going to keep grinding the cash games and keep on improving my poker game.

posted a graph of my results of the past 3 weeks above this post

Sunday, February 24, 2008

"quien no riska no gana"

translation of the quote above is if you dont risk you cant win.
earlier today i ended up losing 1300 playing 500 nl (5-10blinds)so i went down to the gym to take some of my frustration out on the weight room. came home relax for a bit then headed down to commerce to play some 40/80. my Table was a donkfest! Seriously you would not believe how bad these players were. calling 3bets or cap pots cold with j-8 k-10 off suit. Crazy shit like that.. the good and bad things about these tables are that your win rate is going to be higher, but your variance is going to be higher then normal as well. I was playing very well and lost a few key pots that were easily over 1500 on the river. i was stuck within a hr and half 3k... am not going to lie and say i wasn't steaming, but i felt like if the table didnt break ill be able to get my money back and more.. but the donkies who were playing at my table jump into a 60/120 game.. you have to keep in my mind that i never played the 60 game before. the swings in that game are enormous. you could easily win or lose 4-6k a session. i only had a other 2k in my pocket and couldn't resist. I normally never play higher stakes when am stuck, but i wasn't moving to a bigger game to get my money back (okay maybe that was part of a reason). i was moving up because the game was going to be to good to pass up..

to make a long story short and i ended up making 8k in profit in the 60/120 game. but once you cant my losses from the no limit game and the 40/80limit game i only ended up making 3800 for the day.. but after everything i went through today ill take it..

alright fellas still think being a poker pro is easy?

Friday, February 22, 2008

What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.”

Its 2am and am wide awake thinking about a lot of things. Poker,family,love life, and God.

poker- Am alert,focus, and playing extremely well. therefore, i making really good money the past 3 weeks. and the scary thing is am getting better. My future in this game looks very promising. i have no doubt in my mind a yr from today ill be able to purchase my first home here in L.A. hopefully by the beach.

family- my sister mari is dating which scares me, i just don't want her to get her heart broken or used in any way. other then that everyone seems like there doing fine. i plan on going down to Bakersfield next week to visit my mother. I love her so much!!!

Love life- Am never completely happy whoever am with. the last girl or should i say the only girl that i ever truly loved. I knew i wasn't going to end up being with her forever. Because i felt i deserved better even tho i loved her. Since then nothing much has changed. when ever I start dating a girl it always starts well but either by her insecurity's,irresponsibilities, clinginess, or lack of sense of humor i get turn off and decided to end it and just be friends.

after seeing my parents go through a divorce and seeing my sister separate from her soon to be ex-husband i start to wander if you could ever truly be happy being with one person. I know one of these day's i want to have a family but am not sure if i ever want to get married..

God- i remember when i was taking a class of anthropology in college and they were talking about evolution of man kind. After taking that course i started doubting if God even existed. My mother became aware of this and when i traveled to Mexico with my mother she told my grandparents who are very religious that am losing faith. They gave me a long speech about having faith and that i should never doubt God. I just played along and acted like everything was okay again. but in truth i still had those doubts. One day when i was sleeping on my uncles bed i woke up all of sudden.. normally i take a while to wake up stretching and blinking my eyes and then closing then up again before forcing myself to wake up, but this time i just wake up very quickly and turn around to the opposite direction and see the image of God. he had his long beautiful hair that went down to his shoulders and a white gound. i couldn't see his face. its was like a shadow and i couldn't see any images. i was under my covers and (i have the goose bumps just talking about this right now)the only thing i wanted to do was touch him. i was getting close, but then for some reason i turn my face to the direction to the door and run out..

i go straight to my brother's room and wake him up and tell him what i just saw. first he didn't believe me. but then he realized that i was telling him the truth moreover wanted to know everything in detail of what i just saw.

the following day i told everyone and from that day forward i never doubted the man above.

I know some people who i tell this story to might not believe me or think that i was probably in a crazy dream or something. I just hope they don't doubt are father are lord, but more importantly are savor Jesus Christ.

In that note i just want to thank the man above for everything he has giving me. Am greatful for a lot of things that i have and couldn't be more then happy of were my life is at and going to be in the near future.